Professional ozone machine An advanced and cutting-edge technology, suitable for fighting viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, etc. by saturating the environment with ozone at night.

Masks Each worker is equipped with a mask, which get change every day.

Protective visor and gloves When measuring eyesight, it is difficult to maintain the safety distance of at least one meter. Therefore, all opticians are provided with protective visors to be used at the time of the ophthalmic examination. In addition, they use disposable gloves replaced at each medical examination.

Disinfectant gel dispenser A disinfectant gel dispenser is placed at the entrance of each store and is at customer’s disposal.

U.V. sterilizer Each store is equipped with a U.V. sterilizer, a device in which it is possible to put the eyeglasses that will be delivered to be sterilized.